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Name: Midifile Optimizer Pro Download
Size: 20.01 MB
System: Windows Vista(32), WindowsXP(32), Win2000, WinME, Win9X
Catalog: Drivers/MIDI
Updatetime: 2009-12-2 11:48:36
Total: 83
"The Midifile-Optimizer lets you customize your midi files."
The MIDIFile-Optimizer lets you customize your midi files professional and quick to your needs.
The program is easy to use and not particularly special PC knowledge.

A new feature in version 6 is support for the sounds and drum kits Tyros3,
add to that the access to the DSP effects, the PSR-S900, Tyros, Tyros2, and Tyros3.
Support for multiple kits offers unprecedented opportunities in the processing of the drums.

Sensational is the "Intelligent Transpose" of the midi files.
No growling or more after the squeaky instruments changing the key.
Transpose -9 or +7 or 5 or +6 is not a problem, because the instruments are automatically aligned in the pitch.
The midi sounds equally good in any key.
The easiEST way tone, volume, Hall *, tempo, chorus can * Controller * 71 .. 74 etc. be changed.

For sound you can choose Between access to the full sound of the following Equipment available:
GM soundset, GM2 soundset,
GEM Genesys pro, GEM Genesys pro S / XP, GEM GM-X, HDS Pro.Sound.1,
Ketron Audya, Midjay, Midjay Plus Ketron, Ketron SD1, plus SD 1, SD 2, SD 3, SD 4, SD 5, X1, XD3, XD9,
Korg i30, PA1X, Pa1Xpro, Pa1Xpro with XMS-1 V3 PA2X, Pa2Xpro, Pa60/80, PA500 musician, Pa800,
Limex ALPIN MASTER 16, ALPIN MASTER 32, ALPIN MASTER 128, double 256, exclusive tradition, tradition, Exclusive 200,
Miditemp DoX-1,
Roland DisCover 5, fantom XR, G-70 with SR-G01,
Roland SC-88, SC-88Pro, SC-880, SC-8820 SC-8850, SC-D70,
Roland SonicCell,
Soli GM ALPHA, tradition XL,
Solton SG-X, Technics KN6000
Yamaha Motif-Rack ES, Motif-Rack XS, MU90 (or compatible),
YAMAHA PSR 3000, PSR 8000, PSR 9000, 9000Pro, PSR S-900,
Yamaha Tyros, Tyros2, Tyros3,
Yamaha S90, S90ES, XG sound set. you can free download Midifile Optimizer Pro now.

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