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Name: HandBrake for Mac 0.9.1
Size: 5.56 MB
System: Mac
Catalog: Drivers/DVD Ripper
Updatetime: 2008-5-5 13:02:44
Total: 460
"open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded DVD to MPEG-4 converter"
We're chagrined to announce the public release of HandBrake 0.9.1. Why chagrined? Because 0.9.0 wasn't as stable as it should have been, something 0.9.1 rectifies.

This minor update squashes a number of glaring bugs. Most notably, HandBrake will no longer hang at the end of encoding MKV files with chapter markers. This means the Animation, Bedlam, Constant Quality Rate, Deux Six Quatre, Film, and Television presets are now usable.

Additional improvements:

Impressive performance enhancements
Significant interface prettification (Mac more than Win)
Color subtitles now show up in color
Changing dimensions in Picture Settings no longer causes a crash (Mac)
Forced subtitle support
More robust exception handling (Win)
Closing the main window no longer causes HandBrake to crash (Mac)
Using 'Slow' deinterlacing no longer doubles the chapter count.
MPEG Stream support is now case-insensitive (.VOB as well as .vob, etc) and more compatible
No more error messages sent to standard out instead
IT News
Auto infomation
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