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Name: Aldo s Click-a-Lot! 1.5 Download
Size: 14 KB
System: Win2003(32), WindowsXP(32), Win2000, NT, WinME, Win9X
Catalog: Drivers/Hobbies
Updatetime: 2009-8-10 10:42:47
Total: 372
"It is an automatic clicker utility, ideal for cheating on some games."
EditByBrothersoft: Auto-Clicker utility that can be used as auto-fire function on games and emulators that use the mouse clicks as trigger, double-clicker (with a single click) to reduce fatigue, click a banner every N seconds, etc.
- Works minimized on system tray.
- Select which buttons you want to auto-click.
- Optional random delay Between clicks (reduce detection of the cheating tool).
- Start/Pause the auto-click with Scroll Lock.
- Temporarily disable the auto-clicker using Ctrl or Shift.
- Two auto-click methods: auto-click while button is down and auto-click on/off.
- Auto-click counter per button.
- Delay between clicks can be configured: from 10ms to 1 minute.
- Option for random delay between clicks.
- Auto-minimize on start. you can free download Aldo's Click-a-Lot! 1.5 now.

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